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Technology rules our world and has saturated nearly every aspect of our day-to-day lives. The wedding industry is no exception and there are an increasing number of digital tools at our fingertips to help make the planning process a little easier (and in some cases more enjoyable!). Wedding websites are one of these available tools and while some may label them as tacky or narcissistic, they are truly invaluable when their full potential is tapped. At The Gilded Rose Weddings, we are very pro-wedding websites, not only for their features, but also because they're fun! Your wedding day is all about you and creating a site in preparation for your big day builds up anticipation and allows your guests to share in your excitement. Still not sure if a wedding website is for you? I've compiled a short list of my favorite wedding website features to help make your decision a little easier.

Ease of Communication: 
A wedding website allows you to provide all of your information in one place. Have you reserved a block of hotel rooms or want to share some local attractions with your guests? Share these details via your website. Hosting a post-wedding brunch? Share it on your site! A wedding website also makes easier to share any last minute changes or notifications.

Another benefit of wedding websites is the ability to provide your registry information. This feature is incredibly convenient as it allows you to share multiple registries, if necessary, and eliminates the hesitation that may come with including registry information with your invitations. 

Stay Organized (And Save a Stamp or Two!): Most wedding websites offer electronic RSVPs. Instead of sending pre-stamped and addressed RSVP cards wth your invites, all you have to do is include a message to visit your website to provide their response. Quick, easy, and saves money! Plus, all of your responses will remain in a single, easy-to-access location.

Humble Brag: Do you have a meet cute that you want to shout from the mountaintops? What about the story of how he (or she!) asked? Wedding websites are perfect for showcasing these significant events in your relationship and sharing them with those who may not know that you met him through his sister. Your wedding website is also he perfect place to publish your gorgeous engagement pictures.

Thinking of making your own? Some of my favorite wedding website options are Riley & Grey and Appy Couple. These sites make it easy to create a wedding website that is as unique as your love. If you are a little more daring (or just happen to be really tech savvy), you can build your own from scratch. Once your labor of love is complete, you can share it via an information card inserted with your invitations or save-the-dates!
Ultimately, the decision to create a wedding website should be based off of the specific needs of you and your spouse-to-be. There are no rules about how to plan your wedding and, like with everything else, you should only create a wedding website if you and your soon-to-be spouse truly want or need to.

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San Diego Wedding Planner
San Diego Wedding Planner

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