What’s in a (Last) Name?

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So. Many. Choices. From flowers to cakes and dresses to veils, you should be a decision-making pro by the time your wedding date rolls around. One of the less material decisions you will need to make prior to your big day is regarding your name, specifically your last name. Will you take his? Will he take yours? What if you don’t want to part with your last name? If you are unsure of your choices or just need some assistance in making this decision, this post is for you!

Note: As a San Diego Wedding Planner, this information is specific to California. Please be sure to check with your local county or state office to determine the guidelines specific to your wedding location if you are not exchanging vows in The Golden State. 

Traditionally, the bride takes her groom’s last name as her own; however, as you may know, we are huge advocates of forgoing tradition in favor of uniqueness. Did you know that in many states you have the option to combine your last names to create a new, unique one? We love the concept of creating a new last name that is uniquely yours! 

In the state of California, couples may choose from the following options:. 

– Take their spouse’s current last name or the last name they were given at birth

– Create a new last name that combines all or a portion of the current last name or the last name given at birth of either spouse

– Create a hyphenated combination of both last names

– Keep their current last names

Additionally, if either party opts into taking a new last name, they may assume their former last name as their middle name. This option is quite possibly our favorite as it allows you to keep your former surname while still assuming your married name. 

In a perfect world, all you would have to do to fully change your name would be to complete your marriage license and exchange your vows. Unfortunately, that is not the case and newlyweds are responsible for changing their name on their driver license and social security card, among other things. While this process may seem daunting, we have summed it up in a previous post to ensure that you are well on the way to finalizing your name in no time. We’ve also included a free download to take with you!

Disclaimer: The information in this post was obtained via California’s state website

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